Calgary Condos That Allow Short-Term Rentals

Investing in real estate can be incredibly lucrative, especially when those properties cater to the growing demand for short-term rentals and Airbnb. If you're considering expanding your portfolio or becoming an Airbnb host, Calgary offers a variety of condos that welcome these types of rental arrangements. This blog post will guide you through some of the best condos in Calgary that allow short-term rentals, helping you make informed decisions to maximize your investment.

Why Choose Calgary For Short-Term Rental Investing?

Calgary is a vibrant city with a robust housing market, making it a prime location for real estate investments. Known for its beautiful landscapes, bustling downtown, and diverse culture, Calgary attracts both tourists and business travelers year-round. This constant influx of visitors creates a high demand for short-term rentals, making it an ideal place for Airbnb hosts and real estate investors. In this post, we'll explore 18 top condo buildings in Calgary that allow short-term rentals. You'll gain insights into their key features, amenities, and why they are great choices for real estate investors and travel enthusiasts alike.

6th and Tenth Calgary

Located in the heart of downtown Calgary, 6th and Tenth offers a modern living experience with its sleek design and state-of-the-art amenities. The building is known for its spacious floor plans and high-end finishes, making it a popular choice for both long-term residents and short-term guests.

Key Features

  • Location: Situated close to major attractions, dining, and shopping areas.
  • Amenities: Includes a fitness center, outdoor terrace, and 24-hour concierge service.
  • Investment Appeal: High demand due to its prime location and luxurious offerings.


Unveiled in 2014 by Cove Properties, Alura is a majestic 29-storey condominium nestled in the heart of the bustling Beltline community in downtown Calgary. Alura condos offer breathtaking views of the Calgary skyline, the iconic Calgary Tower and the lively Stampede Park. With a vast second-floor terrace that connects to its sister building, Nuera, Alura residents can immerse themselves in the vibrant city life of Calgary. This strategic location and the premium features of Alura condos hold promising investment opportunities for Airbnb, offering guests an exquisite urban living experience in Calgary.

Key Features

  • Location: Close to public transit and major highways.
  • Amenities: Fitness center, lounge area, and secure parking.
  • Investment Appeal: Steady rental income due to its accessibility and amenities.

Centre Green Calgary

Centre Green Condos, a unique condo development north of downtown Calgary, offers significant investment potential for Airbnb use. The building is an impressive 38,527 square feet and houses 40 units with private underground parking. The condo's unique features like the spacious roof-top terrace and curved balconies add to its appeal. Most notable is the eco-friendly solar panel field that powers the building, making it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious travelers. A potential gold mine for investors eyeing the increasing demand for sustainable living options.

Key Features

  • Location: Located in a green neighborhood with plenty of parks and outdoor spaces.
  • Amenities: Solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and green rooftops.
  • Investment Appeal: Attracts eco-conscious travelers, ensuring a niche market.

Colours by Batistella

The Colours by Batistella condo building, located in the vibrant Victoria Park district, is an architectural masterpiece that presents an exciting investment opportunity for Airbnb entrepreneurs. With 209 stylish units spread across 22 storeys, this 2008-built landmark offers a blend of modern, environmentally-conscious, and slightly unconventional living. It features amenities like an above-ground parkade, ample bicycle storage, and a picturesque promenade on the fourth floor, offering an enticing space for residents to connect. Furthermore, its unique two-story glass art wall creates a stunning first impression, setting it apart in the competitive Airbnb marketplace.

Key Features

  • Location: In the trendy Beltline district, close to art galleries and boutiques.
  • Amenities: Rooftop terrace, bike storage, and art installations.
  • Investment Appeal: High occupancy rates due to its trendy vibe and location.

Ezra on Riley Park

Ezra on Riley Park offers a luxurious living experience with its upscale finishes and proximity to Riley Park. This building is perfect for upscale short-term rentals aimed at discerning travelers.

Key Features

  • Location: Adjacent to Riley Park, providing scenic views and outdoor activities.
  • Amenities: Wine storage, fitness center, and garden terrace.
  • Investment Appeal: Attracts high-paying guests looking for luxury and tranquility.

FIRST Condos at East Village

FIRST Condos are located in the revitalized East Village, making it a hotspot for tourists and business travelers alike. The building offers a mix of modern design and historical charm.

Key Features

  • Location: In the heart of East Village, close to restaurants, shops, and cultural venues.
  • Amenities: Rooftop lounge, fitness center, and communal workspaces.
  • Investment Appeal: High demand due to its prime location and community feel.

Five West Twin Towers

Five West Twin Towers are synonymous with luxury and convenience. These towers offer stunning views of the city and the Bow River, making them a top choice for visitors.

Key Features

  • Location: Overlooking the Bow River and close to downtown amenities.
  • Amenities: Concierge service, fitness center, and conference rooms.
  • Investment Appeal: High rental income potential due to its luxurious offerings and views.

The Guardian Calgary

Experience the pinnacle of urban living at The Guardian Towers, Calgary's tallest condominium complex situated in the vibrant community of Victoria Park, now more commonly known as the Beltline. Offering breathtaking city views from almost all floors, The Guardian Towers is your gateway to modern, upscale living, just a stone's throw away from the bustling downtown business core, Inglewood, and East Village. Its strategic location and high-end amenities make it an ideal investment for Airbnb, offering ample opportunities for lucrative returns.

Key Features

  • Location: Centrally located near Stampede Park and Victoria Park.
  • Amenities: Fitness center, social lounge, and workshop space.
  • Investment Appeal: Popular for its views and central location.

Best Calgary Condos For Airbnb Investment Property

Interested in Calgary condos allow Airbnb and short-term rentals? Start searching all available Airbnb investment properties for sale in Calgary now, or contact the Chabbra Real Estate Group, Calgary's local investment property experts, for help with all your buying & selling needs!

The Harrington House

The Harrington House combines classic design with modern amenities, offering a cozy yet upscale experience. It's perfect for travelers looking for a quiet, comfortable stay.

Key Features

  • Location: Nestled in a quiet neighborhood yet close to downtown.
  • Amenities: Library, garden, and fitness area.
  • Investment Appeal: Attracts guests looking for a blend of comfort and convenience.

Ink by Batistella

Discover the lucrative potential of Airbnb investing with INK condominiums, centrally located in Calgary's vibrant East Village. Developed by Battistella, the INK condos are specifically designed for the modern urban professional, offering units ranging from mid 400 to mid 600 square feet, with one and two bedroom layouts. Infused with the distinct interior features synonymous with notable Battistella developments like Colours and Chocolate, INK is positioned as an attractive investment opportunity within the thriving Airbnb market.

Key Features

  • Location: In the East Village, close to entertainment and dining options.
  • Amenities: Rooftop patio, bike storage, and communal spaces.
  • Investment Appeal: High occupancy rates due to its trendy design and prime location.

The Lucida Calgary

The Lucida offers luxury boutique living with its limited number of units and high-end finishes. It's ideal for travelers seeking exclusivity and personalized experiences.

Key Features

  • Location: Situated in a quiet, upscale neighborhood.
  • Amenities: Secure access, private terraces, and high-end appliances.
  • Investment Appeal: Attracts high-paying guests looking for exclusive stays.

Nuera Condos Calgary

Unveiling the potential for Airbnb investing at Nuera Calgary, a standout gem in the bustling downtown Beltline community. Completed in 2012, Nuera is the first of a prestigious two-tower complex and one of four distinguished condominiums developed by Cove Properties within the same block. With its prime location and exceptional design, Nuera Calgary paves the way for promising returns and terrific opportunities in Airbnb investments.


Key Features

  • Location: Close to downtown offices and entertainment venues.
  • Amenities: Fitness center, outdoor terrace, and secure parking.
  • Investment Appeal: High demand from business travelers due to its location and amenities.

Orange Lofts by Batistella

The Orange Lofts in Calgary are a unique blend of industrial design and modern living, attracting a diverse range of travelers. It's perfect for those looking for something different that also has plenty of urban flair.

Key Features

  • Location: In the East Village, close to cultural attractions.
  • Amenities: Rooftop terrace, communal lounge, and secure bike storage.
  • Investment Appeal: Popular among creative professionals and tourists.

The Richmond Calgary

The Richmond offers a traditional yet modern living experience, with its classic design and contemporary amenities. It's perfect for travelers seeking a homey feel.

Key Features

  • Location: In a quiet neighborhood, close to parks and shopping areas.
  • Amenities: Garden, fitness center, and secure access.
  • Investment Appeal: Attracts guests looking for a peaceful, comfortable stay.

Sasso Condos

Sasso Condos offer a mix of luxury and convenience, with their modern design and prime location. It's a top choice for both short-term and long-term guests.

Key Features

  • Location: Centrally located near entertainment and business districts.
  • Amenities: Fitness center, hot tub, and social lounge.
  • Investment Appeal: High rental income potential due to its luxurious amenities and location.

Stratford Towers

Stratford Towers, an impressively erected condo building, offers a promising opportunity for Airbnb investing. Initially constructed in 1967, it was later converted into a condo complex much later in 2007. The eight-floor concrete building is home to 78 expansive condo suites of assorted sizes, ranging from 550 to 750 square feet. In addition to the individual units, there is a remarkable penthouse condo of nearly 2,000 square feet. All units feature balconies, with some offering stunning views of the city skyline, adding extra appeal for potential Airbnb guests. The Stratford Towers stands as a landmark in its neighborhood, highlighting its uniqueness and investment potential.

Key Features

  • Location: Close to public transit and major highways.
  • Amenities: Fitness center, lounge area, and secure parking.
  • Investment Appeal: Steady rental income due to its affordability and accessibility.

Tarjan Place Condominium

Find your perfect investment opportunity at Tarjan Place Condominiums, ideally located in Calgary's sought-after downtown west end. Built in 2005, this attractive residential building offers a range of condos that combine comfort and convenience, making them ideal for downtown living. With facilities such as a fully-equipped exercise room, bicycle storage, and a secure, heated underground parking area with 302 spaces, staying here is a breeze. Given its strategic location and amenities, Tarjan Place holds immense potential for Airbnb investing.

Key Features

  • Location: Near downtown and public transportation.
  • Amenities: Fitness center, secure access, and parking.
  • Investment Appeal: High demand due to its convenience and affordability.

Verve Condos for Sale

Verve Condos offer a vibrant living experience with their modern design and lively community. It's perfect for travelers looking for excitement and comfort.

Key Features

  • Location: In the East Village, close to entertainment and dining.
  • Amenities: Rooftop patio, fitness center, and communal lounge.
  • Investment Appeal: High occupancy rates due to its trendy design and prime location.
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