Best Calgary Neighborhoods For Buying an Investment Property

Investing in real estate is a savvy way to grow your wealth, and Calgary offers plenty of opportunities to get started. Whether you're a seasoned real estate investor or a local resident considering your first property venture, knowing where to invest is crucial. In this blog post, we'll explore the best Calgary neighborhoods for buying an investment property, enabling you to learn about the unique features of each area, current market trends, and what makes these neighborhoods attractive to both residents and investors alike.

Why Invest in Calgary Real Estate?

Calgary is one of Canada's most dynamic cities. With a strong economy, a growing population, and a high quality of life, it's no wonder that Calgary is a hot spot for real estate investment. The city's diverse economy, ranging from oil and gas to tech and healthcare, ensures a stable job market. Additionally, Calgary boasts some of the lowest property taxes in the country, making it even more attractive for investors. Investing in Calgary real estate not only offers potential financial returns but also provides a sense of stability and community. With a variety of neighborhoods to choose from, there's something for every investor.

Inglewood – A Historic Charm with Modern Amenities

Inglewood is one of Calgary's oldest neighborhoods, offering a unique blend of historic charm and modern amenities. Located just east of downtown, Inglewood is known for its arts scene, boutique shops, and trendy cafes. The neighborhood has seen significant redevelopment in recent years, attracting a mix of buyers and renters of various ages and budgets. Inglewood's historic homes and new developments offer a range of investment opportunities, not to mention plenty of desirable options for future tenants. Plus, investing in Inglewood allows you to tap into a growing market with a strong sense of community, as the neighborhood's character and proximity to downtown make it a desirable location for renters and buyers alike.

Bridgeland – A Changing Landscape 

Once a simplistic industrial area, Bridgeland is undergoing an impressive transformation into a lively and attractive residential and commercial district future renters will love. As new businesses are sprouting, the demand for living space is growing, making it one of Calgary's hottest spots for property investment right now. With its rich history and charming aesthetic, combined with its recent influx of trendy shops and restaurants, Bridgeland offers an attractive blend of old and new. Investment in this area promises a stable return, as the area continues to evolve and attract residents. Diversity plays a significant role in adding to Bridgeland's appeal as an investment hotspot. With ongoing construction projects ranging from luxury to affordable homes, the community caters to a broad demographic. Bridgeland's prime location just minutes from downtown Calgary further cements its status as a top investment spot, as proximity to work, accessible public transit, shopping, and recreational facilities will continue to make it both a convenient and attractive place to call home.

Kensington – A Trendy Hotspot Perfect For Short-Term Rental Investors

Calgary's Kensington neighbourhood is a unique location for short-term rental investors to consider specifically. Known as a hub for shopping and dining, it's conveniently located just north of downtown with easy C-Train access via Sunnyside Station, making it an ideal spot for visitors and tourists to stay. This once grazing land now thrives with trendy brunch spots, captivating public art, and unique specialty stores, uniquely offering the potential for high rental yields and long-term appreciation. Because of its central location, there is also very strong demand for long-term condo and apartment rentals as well, truly making Kensington one of Calgary's top neighbourhoods for buying an investment property.

Altadore – A Blend of Luxury in a Fast-Growing Community

Looking for an investment property in a highly sought-after neighbourhood in Calgary? Look no further than Altadore - the hotspot for trendy, urban living. Nestled in the heart of the city, Altadore has been named one of Calgary’s best neighbourhoods and for good reason. In the midst of a rapid transformation, Altadore is constantly evolving. The once-dominant bungalows are giving way to luxurious new homes, infills and condos, providing a fresh and modern feel to the neighbourhood—not to mention potentially lucrative investment opportunities. In addition, Altadore's location is quickly becoming one of its best attributes. Whether you're a shopaholic, foodie, or fitness enthusiast, Altadore caters to all. Adjacent to the bustling Marda Loop shopping district, you can find everything from boutique stores and hairdressers to banks and a variety of dining options right on your doorstep. And if that's not enough, another highlight of Altadore is the plethora of recreational opportunities it offers. Sandy Beach is the perfect destination for a summertime picnic, swimming, biking, or a long walk along the extensive pathway system. Fitness enthusiasts will particularly love the variety of gyms within Marda Loop, including Orangetheory Fitness, F45 and GoPerformance Fitness Lab. Simply put, investing in Altadore right now is as close as you can get to a sure thing.

Best Calgary Neighbourhoods For Real Estate Investors

Hillhurst – A Community with Convenience & Character

As a vibrant and dynamic community right at the heart of Calgary, Hillhurst provides real estate investors with plenty of potential. Located just North of the Bow River and the city's bustling downtown area, Hillhurst is a gem that adds a new definition to convenience. It's situated next to the trendy Kensington Village, making it the perfect spot for those who want to experience a perfect blend of work, shopping and recreation all within an arm’s reach. The investment opportunities in Hillhurst are diverse, offering everything from charming starter homes to luxury condos and townhomes. This expanding range of properties makes it an attractive prospect for buyers catering to a variety of tenant demographics.

Education plays a significant role in the makeup of Hillhurst. Nestled within the community is Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, while the University of Calgary is just a stone's throw away. Combined, this also makes the neighbourhood an excellent choice for investment properties aimed at students, offering them a comfortable living environment close to school. Moreover, Hillhurst's close proximity to downtown makes it a prime spot for commuters, as investment properties here can also cater to professionals seeking easy access to the city centre and everything it has to offer.

Downtown Calgary – The Heart of the City

Downtown Calgary is a bustling business district full of an abundance of investing opportunities. With a mix of housing options and terrific walkability, downtown Calgary is an excellent choice for investors interested in condos that can be used for both long-term and short-term rentals. While market conditions are always fluctuating, the rental market in downtown Calgary tends to remain strong, especially as the city's tech scene continues to evolve and flourish. Along with The neighborhood's central location and vibrant atmosphere make it an attractive option for renters. Along with walkability, downtown is also loaded with cultural attractions, countless restaurants and bars, and also offers renters easy access to public transportation. 

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