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Words cannot describe how friendly, caring, and trustworthy Sahil is. We are moving after many years and my goal with the move was to feel that we received most of the features we needed, knowing we'd have to sacrifice some. Sahil not only got us the best deal, but also got us all the features we want plus extra features. I'm not talking about a couple extra lights, I mean customized features specific to each room that adds to the purpose of the room. If that wasn't enough to convince someone that he is a highly professional and skilled individual, this guy has never been late to anything ever, he comes into every meeting with a game plan that makes the client win, and he does not give up until he feels the deal cannot get better. During tours, he took us to homes that we wanted to see and would say "We can do better than this, I promise you". And did he follow through on his promises!!! He doesn't care about the speed of a deal and making his cut. He'd rather do the job properly and take his time. He is meticulous in his work and he is dedicated to the craft. He is so dedicated that he replies to messages I've sent at 2-3 a.m. You would think he is joking when he says "You can call me whenever you have any questions", I can assure you that he is not joking around. Lastly, putting the business end of things aside, through this process I feel that I have gained a friend. A reliable, trustworthy, and understanding friend. He goes above and beyond and takes into consideration all aspects of his clients, not just who they are on paper. I did not know Sahil 4 months ago, but I am so thankful that I know him now.

Bottom-line, trust me on this one. He is guaranteed to get you the best deal and you can trust this man. Hope whoever is reading this understands that I, the guy who didn't know Sahil 4 months ago, am taking time from my schedule to write this review solely due to the fact that I want another family who is looking to start a new chapter of life as we did, to get the right experience and enjoy it from start to end.

Have a nice day for anyone who kept up till the end, I hope the best for your future move! God bless you.


I had the fortunate opportunity to collaborate with Sahil and from first meeting I was impressed with his professionalism and "Client First" philosophy. His real estate insights of Calgary & surrounding area is not to be overlooked. Highly recommended Realtor and would love to work with him again.


Sahil was very thorough, and professional. He went the extra mile to help us and with his experience and excellent negotiation skills. we got the house we wanted at the price we wanted to pay. Would highly recommend Sahil to anyone looking for a realtor that actually cares.